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The job of a locksmith is full of responsibility and the responsibility increases manifold when it comes to handling commercial locksmith tasks. The more the number of people involved, the crucial the task becomes. The prime concern of any commercial setup is to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the premises and to prevent loss of valuable data and business assets. Choose your commercial locksmith provider wisely and opt for one who can offer comprehensive solutions at affordable prices. At Germantown KY Locksmith Store , we employ a team of skilled and experienced locksmiths that is not just adept at installing and repairing locks but can also enrich the locking system with the right advice at the right time.
For Germantown, Germantown KY Locksmith Store is always available to assist businesses of diversified verticals. Our extensive experience and updated skill make us an obvious choice. We understand that it is not just about cutting keys and fixing locks, but the scope of commercial lock and locksmith services depends on the varied and multidimensional demands of businesses. 

Some of our noted clients include:

Germantown KY Locksmith Store, Germantown, KY 502-252-6320•    Banks 
•    Health Care Centers
•    Parking spaces
•    Hotels
•    Colleges
•    Supermarkets
•    Retail stores
•    Apartments
•    Business Outlets

It is our hands-on experience and expertise that has made us one of the most trusted locksmith service providers for commercial purposes. Don’t let the safety issue related to your commercial space in Germantown, KY area keep you awake at night. We understand the diverse needs of different businesses and offer appropriate locksmith solutions to fortify the overall security level. Whether it is a troublesome lock that needs a fix or high-end security system that needs to be checked, with Germantown KY Locksmith Store nothing goes unnoticed. Our technicians, equipment, and management allow us to deliver ultimate results and that too on time.

Rely on our 24*7 locksmith solution and safeguard your business. Book your appointment online or give us a call and avail our flawless service.

Our major services include:

Lock Damage

Locks, as well as other security equipment, are machines, and like all other machinery, they also a replacement from time to time. Factors like weather conditions, tampering and infiltration attempts may weaken the lock. For any kinds of repair or replacement, feel free to call Germantown KY Locksmith Store. Our technicians will assess the lock systems and will take necessary action accordingly. Trust our professional locksmiths for lock repair and replacement service.

Advanced lock systems  

A simple lock is not sufficient enough to keep burglars and intruders at bay. Advanced security lock systems are the need of the hour. Call Germantown KY Locksmith Store and avail expert services. Whether you want to install or fix digital locks, set up a keyless entry system, program digital locks or need a master key for your whole office, we can do it all for you. Just give us a call, our state of the art services ensure that your security remains unmatched and will put a full stop to all your worries.

Safe/ cabinet locks

Ensure the functionality and performance of the lock system installed on your safes and cabinets, as it’s where all the crucial information, data, and assets are locked up. Install high-end locks that are hard to crack and keep all relevant and significant information under tight security.

Emergency exit locks

Emergency exit locks are a must for commercial establishments. Devices like push bars and panic locks are installed to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Call commercial locksmiths from time to time to ensure their functionality. Regular care, maintenance, and replacement are a must to keep the exit lock systems in order.

 An overview of our services:Germantown KY Locksmith Store, Germantown, KY 502-252-6320

•    Office lockout solutions
•    Mobile locksmith services 24/7
•    Keypad lock installation
•    Rekeying of commercial locks
•    High-security locks Installation
•    All types of key cutting services
•    Master key creation
•    Damaged lock fixes
•    Complete lock replacement for offices
•    Regular lock system updates and maintenance
•    Restricted keyways
•    File cabinet locks installation
•    Push bar, panic lock installation and repair

Our deep understanding of client’s need, uninterrupted availability and affordable price has made us one of the most popular commercial locksmith service providers in Germantown. Call us today and learn how our expert service can provide better security for your establishment!

Germantown KY Locksmith Store, Germantown, KY 502-252-6320